Beginning a new life in the fish bowl

If 2012 is gonna be the end of the world, I’ve surely made it count. Besides becoming a parent for the first time, we (my hubby, little bub and me) have decided to move to a completely new city and into an ashram for our spiritual growth. It just happened that a vacancy in the ashram had become available for us, and so we moved just like that at the drop of a hat, without considering any practicalities (which was very unlike me since I am a Capricorn, known to be the most practical personality of all). My husband was of course ecstatic about the move, since he had been trying to convince me to leave our old home for the past 6 year and failed. Anyway, this felt like the right time for a change, so we took a leap of faith, and so far we’re loving it!

There is a big collective here and it’s been great meeting so many new faces (although technically speaking, we’re the new faces). Whenever we told someone that we’re living in the ashram, they would reply (almost sympathetically), “Oh, you’re living in the fish bowl!” I guess life in the ashram could be quite transparent and everyone seems to know what’s going on in it. I don’t really feel like I’m being watched YET, but if I am, I hope I’ve been entertaining enough (in a good way). Personally, I just feel really privileged to be here at Mother’s house. The vibrations are tremendous and we are surrounded by a bunch of young people with great energy. I hope we’ll make our stay here worthwhile by evolving into better yogis.

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